Monday, October 20, 2014

Crazy Year of Adventures

Wow, been over a year since have blogged on here, and during that time away have been having a wonderful and crazy year of adventures.  I have moved four times, in the past year, none of them really planned, but each move brought me steps closer to my goals…so they were evolved into positive experiences for me.

I have finally landed in a spot with a good friend who has land that he is willing to share with this gypsy spirit and be a wonderful mentor to me while I continue to take care of my self and my healing journey…. I love being outdoors as you know, and I love exploring life in the bush and in the backwoods.  There is lots of work to be done, and lots for me to learn…good thing I have time to explore, create and learn with this wonderful opportunity.

I have also been working on my tea studies, and have enjoyed my studies, Loving that my homework is drinking lots and lots of tea and many different kinds…there is a whole world of tea out there that I never knew existed, so I have been thoroughly enjoying my thirst for knowledge in this new world of tea.

So now I have wonderful plans for creating an herbal garden alongside my fairy garden that I have begun to work on..I hope to create a lovely herbal tea garden and create some blends of tea for the homestead.

So life has taken a complete turn for me, with now having my life in the woods…creating a sacred space to cook on a wood stove, and have nightly campfires.  I have the time and space to explore the woodlands and the creek and what this new life has brought to me.

My friend is also a nomadic gypsy spirit like myself, so there will be lots of time for camping and going on short road trips in the area , exploring the old logging roads, and the woodlands…it really is a good experience for me.

I do not have regular internet access , but I do have access through neighbours so will try to post updates on homestead happenings.

Here are some landscape views of my exploring of the landscape of where I am staying.  Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful colourful Autumn Season and the many blessings that this season of life brings for you.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Travel Planning

Well I have been blessed with a wonderful house sitting arrangement through a dear friend who was off on her own travel adventures and needed someone to look after her dog and house sit for three weeks...this has been great for me, as I was needing a place to be while I prepared for my next stage in my new traveling adventures.

So I have access to a large mall with a Walmart, so was able to go and get some storage Rubbermaid bins and I color coded them so would which was great...and these will be so helpful for a long time...I put my tea supplies / china cups and teapots into one and they all fit perfectly.  My second bin I filled with winter season clothing so will be able to access them when the colder weather comes and transfer my summer clothing into the bin and take out my winter clothes when needed... and my third bin was filled with important papers and books that I wanted to keep but could not take with me on my travels.  Then I have one large duffel bag that has camping supplies in it, that I will be keeping at my friends place but will be able to have access if needed to change supplies as needed....

I have now started to begin purchasing my food stash that I will be traveling with.... I am seriously considering purchasing a Kelly Kettle stove to take with me as I mainly like to use my thermos for cooking and so thought it would be great to have a camp stove that would make it easy to boil water....been doing some serious research and discovered Kelly Kettle.  Have any of you used one and if so, what were your thoughts?

My main travel foods are :
- of course lots of tea, some instant coffee and hot chocolate
-  also granola or  instant oatmeal for breakfast
 - for lunches or dinners, instant rice/ couscous and beans/ lentils and soups or noodle cups for main meals
 - and for snacks :   trail mix and  jerkey , crackers and cheese , flatbreads with peanut butter and jam or hummus
- tuna or chicken packs found at dollar store that have crackers with the meat.

I will be able to easily access fresh veggies and fruit on the days I am taking classes as will be right in the city so will have my fresh salads and veggies then, and will gather fresh fruit to take with me back out to camp.

Since when camping out my main foods will only need boiled water to heat up and for my hot drinks so taking a thermos will help cook the main foods and keep them hot until I am ready to eat them.

I think I might be purchasing a different backpack that will be easier to take with me, a bit larger than the day pack I use now....

if you have any great suggestions feel free to share them in the comment section :)

Kylie aka Celtic Gypsy Woman

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Year of Healing

I took a year off from blogging and spent a year of healing and recovery.... My life had been a roller coaster dealing with some serious health issues.
I have finally gotten my clear from Cancer check up and am free now to focus back on my dreams and goals of getting back on the Open Road and working towards becoming a Tea Specialist.

So it is now officially August and will be putting my things in storage until Spring and hitting the open road again exploring Tea Adventures while resuming my training to become a Tea Sommelier.

Feel free to share along on this journey with me while I explore the Open Road , Travel Adventures again and see what life has to offer while discovering new Teas along the way :)

Kylie aka Celtic Gypsy Woman

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Finding my Groove

Well, I have been taking time to live in the moment, and I must admit it feels pretty darn good.  Some days are busier than others, and then when needing quieter moments, then opportunities come my way.  it is in this way of living for me that keeps me in balance!

My new passion is to work on creating a business for myself...and connect it with Tea...I feel like it would be a good sustainable one to have and since I LOVE drinking Tea and having tea parties, it also seems like a good fit for me...the joy of it, is hoping to make a mobile Tea Party business and have found someone who can help me create a Gypsy Carvan for it!...long range plan, but have smaller attainable goals to keep me focused and busy on creating this fun business.  Will let you know how it all unfolds!

For now, am keeping busy with short term contract jobs that have been finding through friends and networks, and so far, that has been working out pretty good for me....not too much of a challenge, as I am living pretty simply, so working part time is perfect for me, and also keeping me healthy, as not working too hard!...also finding jobs in woodlands and campgrounds keep me connected to nature so that helps maintain my sense of balance!

I seem to be in a space where not as much on the internet, and out enjoying the real life ...I think because of the Season of Summer, I love being outside and connected to nature and down by the water...but just letting you know that I am still around, still living in Ontario and getting my short road trips in health is much more stable as I have been working really hard on not getting overloaded and am taking good care of myself ...spending time with friends, eating good food, and taking time for me in admist work contracts!

Would love to hear how you are doing, what have you been up to for this summer season and what new adventures are you exploring?

Kylie aka Celtic Gypsy Spirit

Friday, August 3, 2012

Time Well Spent

There have been some folks who have asked the questions " How do you keep busy with out a full time job?" and "what do you do with your time while traveling?"

My response is to simply smile and say I have not got enough time in the day to do all the things I enjoy. So I thought I would take the time to answer the questions here and share some ideas that you can also do while traveling, vandwelling, being a nomad or gypsy spirit, while exploring life.

First thing is to have a variety of hobbies that you enjoy spending time doing. Find activities that connect with your hobbies or interests. Alot of my activities do not cost alot of money, as I live pretty simply and do not have extra money to spend . I have always had a real passion for outdoor living, so alot of my hobbies and interests are nature related, or connected with outdoor life which for me keeps my young at heart, and connected with my nature spirit. I go for walks, spend time by the lake, writing or drawing with my time in the woodlands, swimming in natural waters or free community pools, and of course picnics are a great way to spend time, frisbee with friends, fun sports such as badminton, volleyball, hiking, and another of my favorite past times is collecting rocks, or glass on the beach...I am interested in creating fairy houses outside near trees, and have managed to gather quite the collection of nature and bits along the beach or waterfront!

Another old past time that has been resurfacing alot among my friends is playing board games!.. we have been meeting about one night a week to gather, share potluck supper and snacks and spend the evening playing favorite fun board games that we have been having lay on our shelves...time to dust them off, get them out and have a games Night!  It really is so much fun!

Also I find networking through my contacts and short term work brings in alot of connections with supplies for my many varied hobbies, such as scrapbooking, reading novels, writing and journaling, crafts, and do not be nervous about inquring about networking through your friends or community for extra supplies that might be available...I know last year when I was starting back up knitting , I managed to get a huge bag of yarn that kept me busy through the winter season!

Just be open and use your creative spirit, to think outside the box, and you will be amazed on the wonderful exploring of hobby that will come your way through connecting with friends!

Kylie aka Celtic Gyps Woman

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Wow, been a very long time since I have been here, but the time has been well spent with healing and recovering and getting ready for traveling again.

I have been staying within an Intentional Community  in the big city of Toronto, by the lake and it has been a good adventure...did some work with a local church and met some great folks, so filled my social quota and then some! Also spend quite a bit of time by the lake, as it is a soothing and relaxing place to hang out...even spent a few nights there when could not sleep where I was staying! ( Let's face it, I much prefer being outdoors if given the chance! )

My health is much better, and I now feel ready to be back on the road and doing some traveling, and outdoor camping :)  So my next adventure will be heading up near Barrie, Ontario where a friend lives nearby, and I am hoping to find some part time work while I am camping there.  Already have my list and I got a tarp to take with me to use as a tent as it is so much lighter.  There is a lake , so will be able to spend some time near the water also, which is a great place for me to hang out.

I am feeling very blessed to have been given this time to heal after my chemo treatments and am so happy to be back on my feet and ready to explore my next set of adventures...not sure where they will lead me, but am looking forward to them.

So , dear friends, where abouts are you these days and what adventures are you exploring during the summer season?

Kylie aka Celtic Gypsy Woman

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Adventures Continue to Unfold

Amazing Adventures unfolding, now that I am back on the road traveling...I love this inner gypsy spirit that leads me to new places to explore and people to discover!

I probably got back on the road a little too soon, ( read here three days after last medical treatment) but I had been wanting to go since I had started to feel better from my health situation, and just could not wait. My girls were worried about me getting back on the road so quickly and knew I was not quite ready...but they agreed when a friend they knew was willing to travel by bus with me back to Ontario so most of the way back to where I was heading. Safe in numbers they said, and with that in mind, took me out for a huge breakfast and sent me on the noon bus. I had not traveled by daytime much, mainly sticking to traveling at night, so could sleep on buses..but since I was traveling with someone else, it was okay...managed to catch up on each others lives with family, traveling, and shared some good food.

Well I traveled to my sisters and landed there for almost two weeks..which was good, as she had been pretty worried about me, and yet being there was the best thing for me. Backwoods campfires, roasting marshmallows, drinking tea in the afternoon, and watching old movies on their old tv ( sometimes I love the fact they do not have internet or cable) and meeting some neighbors that dropped by. Of course got some good home baking and comfort foods as my sister loves to cook!

After that I headed back to intentional community in Toronto, although they had now closed down officially, they still shared houses as neighbors, so since there was an opening in one of the houses I am now staying there...close to the lake ( and yes I have gone on my midnight walks by the lake) and nearby farmers markets ( which I love to explore). I have met some new kidlets and love spending time with baby cuddles and rocking chairs :)

Just last month, I manged to get to Montreal, Quebec on a spur of the moment road trip which was for about ten days, as a friend of a friend needed help and I could offer assistance, and help network, so got a good opportunity to do some more networking and create some new connections while explore a beautiful city that I had never been to before. I had a great experience and discovered some fabulous coffee shops while attempting to remember the highschool french that I had forgotten :)

Now back in Ontario, contemplating my next adventure and will see where the Autumn Season takes me before I settle in somewhere for the Winter Season for hibernation mode :)

Oh I have managed to acquire a new netbook laptop as my last one died, so now have access to the internet again and have been busy catching up on reading blogs and emails from folks.

Kylie aka Celtic Gypsy Woman