Thursday, October 23, 2014

Much to Learn

I love spending time in nature, living life in the bush and woodlands…each day passes and I feel I am like a sponge, soaking up what I am learning.  Yet at the same time, realizing I still have much to learn to feel completely comfortable being full time here.

My health has improved a great deal, fresh air, good healthy food from the garden, and physical therapy with chopping wood for the wood stove to keep warm at night and for cooking.  All very positive changes for me in my life…who would have thought that experience would have come my way.  I am feeling so blessed.

Two years ago while being on chemo and thinking my life was done, was a real eye opener for me… in terms of realizing that life has to be about living in the moment and exploring adventures so you feel alive and fullfilled.  Since my recovery and taking time on my healing journey, I have taken time to really focus on myself, to the point of being selfish for me , myself , and I.  I have new goals, and new dreams, and I am alive to be able to take steps towards reaching those goals…tiny , baby steps…but they are steps forward…and now with taking those steps, I have now landed in the backwoods, living my dream.

For now, this works for me…I have freedom to be me, with my gypsy spirit that loves connecting with nature.  I love that I have been taking showers outside in the solar shower, and that I cook on a wood stove or over a campfire, I love that I have to cut wood on a daily basis, so to have heat at night to stay warm…I love the freedom of walking outside at night under the stars, and just enjoying the beauty of the night sky.  I love the sense of feeling connected to the earth, and building with my hands and creative energy.  I enjoy walking through the woodlands and hugging a trees, and splashing in the creek.  I enjoy the garden and the abundance of fresh food from the ground that nourishes us.

Life is so simple and yet so much to learn…the best veggies and herbs to put in the garden so it will grown, learning how to cook on a wood stove and bake bread in a skillet rather than use an oven, and all that comes with life on the homestead.    This feels good, that I am stretching my boundaries, gaining experiences of a life time, pushing my limits, and researching while gathering knowledge so I can improve my life here and create a sustainable way of living here on the homestead.

Celtic Gypsy Woman

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