Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Travel Planning

Well I have been blessed with a wonderful house sitting arrangement through a dear friend who was off on her own travel adventures and needed someone to look after her dog and house sit for three weeks...this has been great for me, as I was needing a place to be while I prepared for my next stage in my new traveling adventures.

So I have access to a large mall with a Walmart, so was able to go and get some storage Rubbermaid bins and I color coded them so would which was great...and these will be so helpful for a long time...I put my tea supplies / china cups and teapots into one and they all fit perfectly.  My second bin I filled with winter season clothing so will be able to access them when the colder weather comes and transfer my summer clothing into the bin and take out my winter clothes when needed... and my third bin was filled with important papers and books that I wanted to keep but could not take with me on my travels.  Then I have one large duffel bag that has camping supplies in it, that I will be keeping at my friends place but will be able to have access if needed to change supplies as needed....

I have now started to begin purchasing my food stash that I will be traveling with.... I am seriously considering purchasing a Kelly Kettle stove to take with me as I mainly like to use my thermos for cooking and so thought it would be great to have a camp stove that would make it easy to boil water....been doing some serious research and discovered Kelly Kettle.  Have any of you used one and if so, what were your thoughts?

My main travel foods are :
- of course lots of tea, some instant coffee and hot chocolate
-  also granola or  instant oatmeal for breakfast
 - for lunches or dinners, instant rice/ couscous and beans/ lentils and soups or noodle cups for main meals
 - and for snacks :   trail mix and  jerkey , crackers and cheese , flatbreads with peanut butter and jam or hummus
- tuna or chicken packs found at dollar store that have crackers with the meat.

I will be able to easily access fresh veggies and fruit on the days I am taking classes as will be right in the city so will have my fresh salads and veggies then, and will gather fresh fruit to take with me back out to camp.

Since when camping out my main foods will only need boiled water to heat up and for my hot drinks so taking a thermos will help cook the main foods and keep them hot until I am ready to eat them.

I think I might be purchasing a different backpack that will be easier to take with me, a bit larger than the day pack I use now....

if you have any great suggestions feel free to share them in the comment section :)

Kylie aka Celtic Gypsy Woman

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