Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Releasing and Renewal

I have learned that I needed to release old behaviours and ways of relating to others, as I brought a new way of being into my life.  I am being selfish, and taking care of what I need for myself.  It feels good.  I have been saying good bye to people who I used to have in my life, many moons ago, and realized it was time to leave old ways of being, behind, so I could open ways for a new life for myself.

My spirit needed re-energizing and with this brought many other changes that had not known would come.  I am learning how to open myself up again, after being so closed and having built up walls, it is now time to slowly take down the walls and allow people into my life again.

Building new relationships takes time, and stepping stones, and in order to move forward on those stepping stones, you have to release negative ways of living to embrace fresh and positive ways into your path.

This is working for me slowly…it is a process and it takes time…and I am remember to breathe along the way.

Thanks for sharing the journey along the way.


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