Thursday, December 3, 2015

Don't Let Go of Your Dreams

Life can become crazy at times, but I have rediscovered just how important it is to hold fast to your dreams and your visions for what you want in your life.

Create a life for yourself on your terms...after all you are the one that live your life journey, with all the bumps, and celebrations along the way.  You have to plan and create, and keep taking those steps forward, one step at a time.

If you hold fast to your vision, your dreams can become reality.  !  I have a strong need for survival and faith in myself.  I took a leap of faith and I have landed into a good spot for myself now on my life journey.  I have some amazing friends and community who are with me on my journey and we are creating a healing land together.  It truly does take a village to make dreams happen!

I wanted to share with you, that I finally am living my dream , and my life is good.  This past year has been a tremendous healing year for me, and rediscovering my inner strengths and working towards my goals.  I now feel so good about all the work that it has taken to get to my happy place.

I now have land, and am now creating my healing tea garden with my gypsy wagon!  Embracing my true inner Celtic Gypsy Spirit and making my dreams a reality!

I wanted to let you all know, I am good, and appreciate your ongoing support on this journey of rediscovery!


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  1. So nice to hear! I have wondered how you were doing.