Monday, October 20, 2014

Crazy Year of Adventures

Wow, been over a year since have blogged on here, and during that time away have been having a wonderful and crazy year of adventures.  I have moved four times, in the past year, none of them really planned, but each move brought me steps closer to my goals…so they were evolved into positive experiences for me.

I have finally landed in a spot with a good friend who has land that he is willing to share with this gypsy spirit and be a wonderful mentor to me while I continue to take care of my self and my healing journey…. I love being outdoors as you know, and I love exploring life in the bush and in the backwoods.  There is lots of work to be done, and lots for me to learn…good thing I have time to explore, create and learn with this wonderful opportunity.

I have also been working on my tea studies, and have enjoyed my studies, Loving that my homework is drinking lots and lots of tea and many different kinds…there is a whole world of tea out there that I never knew existed, so I have been thoroughly enjoying my thirst for knowledge in this new world of tea.

So now I have wonderful plans for creating an herbal garden alongside my fairy garden that I have begun to work on..I hope to create a lovely herbal tea garden and create some blends of tea for the homestead.

So life has taken a complete turn for me, with now having my life in the woods…creating a sacred space to cook on a wood stove, and have nightly campfires.  I have the time and space to explore the woodlands and the creek and what this new life has brought to me.

My friend is also a nomadic gypsy spirit like myself, so there will be lots of time for camping and going on short road trips in the area , exploring the old logging roads, and the woodlands…it really is a good experience for me.

I do not have regular internet access , but I do have access through neighbours so will try to post updates on homestead happenings.

Here are some landscape views of my exploring of the landscape of where I am staying.  Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful colourful Autumn Season and the many blessings that this season of life brings for you.

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